Frequently Asked Questions

What is proofreading?

Proofreading is the final check that picks up any last minute inaccuracies and inconsistencies. These may have escaped earlier rounds of editing or crept in during the type-setting process.

How much do you charge?

If you require a straightforward proofread my rates are £15 – £20 per hour. If the final layouts also require checking for consistency and accuracy this will be reflected in the price quoted.

Rates vary depending on the level of intervention required. As every project is different I provide a bespoke quote for each piece of work. This can be provided once I understand your project and requirements, see How do I get a quote? below.

If a speedy turnaround or weekend work is required this will be reflected in the quote provided.

How do I get quote?

I’ll need some information from you in order to provide you with a bespoke quote.

  1. A brief summary of the project including:
    • the type of document it is e.g. book, magazine, pamphlet, report, web pages.
    • what format you would like me to work in e.g. Word, Adobe pdf, web pages.
    • what you are wanting me to do e.g. blind proofread, proofread against content documents, layout checking, links checking.
  2. The timescale you are looking for me to turn the documents around in. (If you do not have a specific timescale in mind I will advise how long it would take me to do a full and complete job based on the length of the piece and your requirements.)
  3. Length of project:
    • Word count
    • If you are wanting layouts checked as well then a rough number of pages is also useful at this stage.
  4. A sample of the text, preferably from the centre of the piece.

Do you check digital content?

Yes, I can proofread and check the layout of digital content for your website or social media. This can be done as pre-digitised Word documents or I can check your web pages or social media graphics before they go live. I can also check links if you need that done.

How do you keep my work safe?

  • I ensure that all my work on your project is backed up safely.
  • All agreed proofreading services are carried out by Anna Gow and are not farmed out to any third party proofreader.
  • Unless otherwise requested in writing I keep a copy of all work done on your project for six months after the date of publication.

How do you ensure my data is secure?

I am compliant with the GDPR data protection law. I only collect basic details from you such as: name, email address, postal address if needed, information relevant to your enquiry.

I use the data provided by you as follows:

  • To contact you in response to your enquiry for information about my services or for a quote.
  • To record your agreements to the terms and conditions of my services.
  • In order to contact you during the normal course of the project.
  • For my internal accounting processes (so that I can invoice you) and so that I am compliant with HMRC should it request an audit.

I will never use this data for marketing or promotion purposes (e.g. to publish your testimonial on my website) without getting permission from you in writing first.

I respect your privacy and will never pass on your details.

How do you use cookies?

The website uses cookies to improve the visitor experience. Cookies are also used for web analytics, specifically Google Analytics.