How can I support you?

You’ve spent days, weeks, even months working on your project. You have written and rewritten, you’ve had it edited and you’ve rewritten again. You’ve lived it, slept it and probably dreamt about it so surely all the inconsistencies have been ironed out.

When you are that close to a project it is very easy to miss some of the smaller details. It is common for errors to creep in when text is converted to a new format and there are often adjustments needed on the layout of a piece.

As an author of a piece that you have read and reread ad infinitum it is very common to see what you expect to be there rather than what is actually there.

Depending on the nature of your project you may have additional pressures as well as your publish deadline. You may be needing to update your website to introduce your new project. You will probably be looking to increase your social media presence the closer you get to publish day. Or you may have decided to email your readers and subscribers to tell them about your new work. All these pressures can prove to be distractions that make it more difficult to spot last minute errors or inconsistencies.

A second pair of eyes can help make all the difference

As a proofreader I specialise in the detail of both the text and the layout of your work. By spotting inconsistencies and errors that have not been picked up at an earlier editorial stage, or may have slipped in once the copy has been typeset, I can help give your project the final polish .

And if you are involved in digital promotion of any kind I can also review these for you as well. That way your followers aren’t distracted by errors that dilute your message and affect your online credibility.

If you have any questions about how I can help you or would like to discuss your project requirements you can message me via the contact form.