Below is a selection of projects that I have worked on.

Books – digital and print

Final proofread of a range of fiction.

Proofreading and checking layouts for a range of Cornish walking books.

Front cover of a book on the sword in anglo-saxon England that I worked on. The cover shows a 7th century warrior with a full face helmet holding a sword

Proofreading a selection of chapters from The Sword in Anglo-Saxon England: from the 5th to 7th century.


Proofreading and checking layouts for The Homeworker quarterly digital magazine. The inspirational magazine for the modern homeworker.

Proofreading and checking layouts for The Homeworker: The Complete Guide. A beautifully designed printed edition of carefully curated articles and features dedicated to helping you thrive when you work from home.

Front cover image of The Homeworker The Complete Guide that I worked on. The cover is an illustration of a house amongst office buildings.

“Anna was brilliant to work with. She is incredibly thorough and picks up on the smallest inconsistencies which, when you’re reading yourself, are very easy to miss. . . . . Anna is someone who understands the importance of your work and won’t let you down. ”

Louise Goss, The Homeworker

Reports and pamphlets

Proofreading and final layout checking of a range of newsletters and reports for St Peter’s Hospice.

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