What is proofreading?

Proofreading is the final step you should consider in the editing process of your work. It should be the final quality check that gives your work it’s final polish.

A final proofread will pick up any last minute errors. Things that may have slipped through from the earlier editorial processes or that have appeared during the type-setting or artwork layout process.

Proofreading your project will also look at the consistency in usage and presentation across your work. To ensure a smooth read for your audience I will check accuracy and consistency of text, images and layout.

I can carry out proofreading on a variety of formats depending on your requirements.

  • Word document
  • Type-set file such as pdfs
  • Print proofs
  • Digital content such as web pages or social media graphics

If you have any questions about proofreading or would like to discuss your project requirements you can message me via the contact form.